Claire is an award winning British textile artist and has recently been featured on the BBC2 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Show.  Her work is held in collections in Europe, Australia and the USA.

Claire has fire in her thread and seed stitch is her weapon of choice. She uses her maverick application of this stitch to challenge perceptions, and to make us laugh along the way. 

Claire trained as graphic designer and the influence of this is clear in her work. 

She is fascinated by visual communication, and asks how do we say what we want to say and how is that message received.

Claire likes to leave her work with an open narrative, inviting the viewer to bring their own story to the piece.

She has several ongoing series of art:

Project Woman - Portraits of women throughout history or 'herstory'

Welcome to the Moneypause - Here Claire takes a subversive look at the hormonal journey of women and the twists and turns along the way. 

The Moneypause Pharmacy - A tongue in cheek look at products for menopausal women. 

Trauma Tales - A look into multi generational trauma and its effects.

Polaroid Pop - Stitched polaroids with a twist

Typopgraphy -Typography with a POP! Words are her weapon 

Art for Claire is like breathing ... necessary!

Claire has many other projects which are ongoing. 

Education and Awards

Hnd Graphic Design 1999 - 2001

Creative Digital Art 2006

Digital Arts A Creative Approach 2013

2019 Winner Applied Art Award Marshwood Vale

2019 Finalist National Needlecraft Awards

2019 -2021 Columnist and features writer for Be Creative with Workbox 

2021 Featured on BBC2 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Show

2022 Finalist and award winner Art-Unlimited Gallery

Its about the space inbetween

Make Art

Selected Exhibitions

Dolls House of Smalls 2023

Art-Unlimited 2022

House of Smalls 2022

Untold Prism Textiles 2022

House Of Smalls 2022

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2021

Southwark Galleries 2020

Ing Discerning Eye London 2020

Thelma Hulbert Gallery Devon 2019 & 2020

Harbour Fine Art Gallery Dorset 2020

International Contemporary Stitched Art Exhib London 2019

Knitting & Stitching Show London 2019 Finalist

Bridport Arts Centre Marshwood Vale Awards Dorset

2019 Winner Applied Arts Award

Lost & Found Exeter 2019

Athay Gallery 2018

Its about the space inbetween

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