Meet Rosa Parks

Well here she is fully stitched and I think she turned out ok and I have done her justice, pardon the pun. This piece of work has been a joy to stitch, even though it was pretty challenging. Rosa Parks is a fascinating character and I have read an awful lot about her life. What an extraordinary journey she has had. I do not claim to be an expert so if you click on the images the links will take you to more informative sites about her. The original of this piece of work is available to buy in my shop

This is a close up of my stitching where you can see the tiny seed sttches used to create this piece. I love colour blending. Her hair was fabulous to stitch with lots and lots of french knots, another favourite stitch of mine.

I still find it amazing how you can create a piece of imagery using something as simple as a needle and thread. 

I used a vintage American flag as a referrence for this piece, so trying to replacate that in stitch was quite a challenge. When I felt I had got close, I used gold thread to highlight the stars and stripes.