Welcome to my gallery, here you will see completed works of art alongside works in progress and small sections of work. Each piece is painstakingly hand embroidered. I love combining the imagery of fast things like polaroids with the length of time it takes to stitch one piece. You can purchase prints, cards and originals. I also exhibit all over the place in the UK, please see my exhibition page for details. Feel free to message me if you would like more information about these. It is also possible to follow my progress on instagram. Some of these images have links to more detailed information about how they were made. Please click on the links below. 

Converse All Stars

This is an original mixed media piece. It is a pair of Converse baseball boots, which were hand painted and then hand embroidered.

This is a hand embriodered piece of original art. It took over 150 hours to complete. For those days when you have quite simply had enough!

Hand embroidered piece of orginal artwork. Over 150 hours of tiny stitching. The inspiration for this work is when everyone is getting on your nerves and you have heard enough!

Girl With Straw

A mixed media original hand embroidered and hand painted piece. 

Lady With Pink Glasses

A mixed media hand painted and hand embroidered piece  in the style of old advertising art and pop art. 

Red Shoes

Hand embroidered orginal piece of art work. This piece took over 150 hours of teeny, tiny stitches. 

This is an original piece of work, hand embroidered which I made in response to the #metoo movement.

This piece is an original hand embroidered art work. I love polaroids and the slowness of stitching. 

Lady With Pink Hair

Beautiful, hand embroidered art work, in the style of pop art.


A mixed media piece of original artwork, hand painted and hand embroidered.

Selfie Anyone?

Ahhh the selfie generation, documenting every moment of their lives... but are they missing anything whilst they look into their screens. A hand embroidered, slow stitch piece of artwork, reminding us all perhaps, to slow down?

No Peopling today

This was made in response to one of those days where I had had enough of all the peopling. Hand embroidered original piece of work.


We're Off To See The Wizard

Now, this was one of the first proper books I ever read... and I remember being spell bound... there's no place like home... Mixed media, hand embroidered and hand painted.

Your Approval Of Me

This piece was made in response to celebrations this year of 100 years since women got the vote. It is hand painted and hand embroidered.

Wizard Close up

For this piece of work I used lots of stitches, including long and short stitch, satin stitch and seed stitch.

Section Of Shadow

Here you can see satin stitch combined with long and short stitch and many tones of thread to create a shadow.

Absolute Scenes Process

A collection of images demonstrating the process involved in creating this piece.

Not My Circus

In this piece of hand embroidery you can see how many stitches it takes just to build up the smallest of sections.


Building a mouth with lips and teeth takes many, many hours with lots and lots of stitches.

Rear View

Here we have an example of the back of one of my pieces of work. It can get very complex back there. Sometimes I want to frame this side, as it's so beautiful.

Building Tone & Shadow

I simply love how it is possible with thread to build up the most beautiful gradients in tone with the smallest of stitches.